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  • David and Donna

Day 1+ ... We're Off!!!

July 10 ... and we head off for 5 months in 'The Taj Mahal' (aka - The Caravan) doing the Eastern Loop of Australia - through the NSW and Qld outback, and back down the East Coast of Australia.

The Taj Mahal!

Wizzed through Melbourne with 'The Taj' in tow heading for Heathcote - what a disappointing town that is - so kept going to Newbridge for the night. Footy club owns the Pub - and thats about all there is!

Then to Murtoa for a few Beverages with the Delehunty Clan ... always a good laugh + a visit to the amazing Stick Shed.

Murtoa Stick Shed
Murtoa Stick Shed

Next day onto the Silo Art Trail .... where artists have painted huge Grain Silos ... actually quite amazing and impressive.

Silo Art Trail


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