• David and Donna

Day 1+ ... We're Off!!!

July 10 ... and we head off for 5 months in 'The Taj Mahal' (aka - The Caravan) doing the Eastern Loop of Australia - through the NSW and Qld outback, and back down the East Coast of Australia.

The Taj Mahal!

Wizzed through Melbourne with 'The Taj' in tow heading for Heathcote - what a disappointing town that is - so kept going to Newbridge for the night. Footy club owns the Pub - and thats about all there is!

Then to Murtoa for a few Beverages with the Delehunty Clan ... always a good laugh + a visit to the amazing Stick Shed.

Murtoa Stick Shed

Next day onto the Silo Art Trail .... where artists have painted huge Grain Silos ... actually quite amazing and impressive.