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  • David and Donna

Hungerford - Charleville - Quilpie

Joined the mass exodus from the Louth races, and headed to Hungerford – which is right on the NSW / Qld border – and has the dog fence running through it.

The highlight of the trip there was the dingo bodies hung up along the road – the farmers obviously don’t like the dingos!!

Hungerford pub just didn’t do it for us. Decided we should get the Ranger serviced before the trip to Birdsville – so gassed it to Charleville. Nice town …. Went to the Cosmos Centre with Telescopes looking at Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon etc. Also wandered through the Royal Flying Doctor Service museum which was quite fascinating. Outback life is so different!

Then we headed West towards Birdsville. First stop – Cooladdi – a one shop town. Camped by the creek with 10 billion flies and an equal number of 'bindiis' … but it was a nice spot for a campfire and a couple of beers.

Then Quilpie – another nice town with a super Caravan Park, which included Artesian Spas (because its on top of the Great Artesian Basin - most houses have water coolers rather than water heaters!!). Sunset at Baldys Rock ... wander around the Lake - and thats about all.

Weather has turned awesome - 28 today, blue skies ... and Donna very excited because she can get the clothes dry - she's a wild woman that one!!!!!


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