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  • David and Donna

Fraser Island

Put the van in storage and headed across to Fraser Island for 5 nights…. What an amazing place. Wild, rough and beautiful!!!!! Everyone knows about the 4WD’ing along the long wide 75 mile beach – but you don’t really hear about the inland tracks – they are serious 4WD tracks only. Sandy in parts, huge holes, big tree roots, and rough sections. The road (?!?!) across the Island starts with the Big Dipper – just to get you in the mood. You don’t get anywhere fast on the inland tracks!

Having said that – it is seriously worth it – some amazing and diverse sights.

Pile Valley is a lush deep green palm forest set among huge Satinay Trees.

Central Station was originally an old logging area, but is now a nice picnic area with the crystal clear creek flowing through it.

We also went for a long walk through the bush to Basin Lake

Lake McKenzie is stunning – it is a large rain-filled lake with a pure white silica sandy base which leaves the water crystal clear as it shifts from white to aqua to deep blue. Amazing spot – and very popular

We then drove across to the Eastern Coast and the beautiful 75 mile beach. We didn’t take notice of the tides on our first visit – and after driving for a short while across the golden sand up to Happy Valley, we abandoned our visit as the rising tide threatened to strand us. Returned the next day bright and early to avoid the rising tides ….. great day as we drove along the smooth golden sands from Eurong resort north along the beach.

Stopped at Eli Creek, then the Maheno Wreck – a ship involved in Gallipoli Rescues which became a luxury cruise ship and then became stranded on Fraser Island in the 1930’s … great spot for photos.

Stopped also at Red Canyon, and a shot of Pandana Trees before we got to Waddy Point and Champagne Pools. We did manage to get bogged in the soft sand, but recovered with the help of Max Trax. Others were less well prepared!!. We then cruised back along the beach …fantastic day.

We stayed at Kingfisher Resort on the West Coast – great spot …. Maybe getting a little bit tired – but very nice nonetheless. Fantastic pool, relaxing deck outside our room facing the bush – perfect for a relaxing Sav Blanc, nice restaurants, a sunset bar on the beach, and the casual Sand Bar and Restaurant with super pizzas … and the Dingo Bar … a strange ‘doof doof’ bar up on the hill – which we really enjoyed.

We also took a few nice walks along the beach, including a long walk down the McKenzie Jetty – an old abandoned jetty.

Amazingly, we didn’t see one Dingo – there are warning signs everywhere, and fenced off areas – but somehow we missed them. We did see Goannas, and lots of birds.

Definitely loved Fraser Island. Much wilder than we expected …. buts that’s part of the beauty. Amazing place.


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