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  • David and Donna

Day 49+ - Cacoory to Windorah

Drove north and camped at Cacoory Ruins – an old stone cottage built 140 years ago and abandoned 120 years ago – and actually in remarkable condition – good chance for a few night star photos!! The ruins are just near some old artesian ponds – with scalding hot water rising from the ground – very strange.

Then north to a nice little town called Bedourie, with a neglected pub – and stayed next to Cookaminchicka Creek. Long drive across big wide open flat gibber plains towards Windorah.

Amazing thing is that whilst it looks flat and featureless, the nature of the scenery changes over the kilometres such that you end up driving past big red sand dunes, green pastures, woods, waterholes with Emus, flocks of Budgies, huge Wedge-tailed Eagles, Brolgas, and a few Kangaroos.

Ended up at Coopers Creek (again!!) near Windorah … awesome spot … planned to stay as an overnighter, but loved it and stayed for 3 nights – sitting across from a bunch of Pelicans - who make life look peaceful and easy, as well as spoonbills, many Kites gliding above, and hundreds of Martins, Budgies, and wood swallows flying through the trees. Night-time was a star-spectacular.

The highlight though was the cattle drove that crossed the creek just below our caravan. A ‘Cowboy’ told us they were coming through with their horses …. but he forgot to mention the 2000 (?) head of cattle they were bringing with them, all being funneled across a small creek crossing like sand through an hour-glass. It was amazing to watch as the 4 drovers hustled the cattle across the creek. 3 cattle got bogged in the mud – so they freed one by dragging it out with the 4 wheel drive … but the second died whilst being dragged out, and the third had passed away before they could even try and rescue it.

After a fantastic 3 days by Cooper Creek – we headed north towards Longreach – past a couple of small outposts, and through some grazing country – the highlight being the emus – who seemed to not be fazed by us at all.

Stayed at Illfracombe, a lovely small town with an awesome pub – where we feasted on the Sunday Roast followed by a game of pool.


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