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  • David and Donna

Day 40+ - Noccundra - Dig Tree - Innamincka

Long drive to Noccundra – which is literally a pub and that is all … a pub with great meals - but a scary cook!!!!.

Then off on another long drive to Burke and Wills famous Dig Tree.

The drive was across big, wide, treeless stony deserts (Gibber Plains), past a few oil wells

– and not much else.

Too desolate out here for even the toughest of animals -in daylight at least.

Camped at the Dig Tree next to Coopers Creek for a couple of nights – the ‘creek’ had lots of water – which brings lots of birds … and a lone howling Dingo. The Burke and Wills Story is captivating, so it was pretty exciting to be at the Dig Tree. As well as being a captivating story – it was basically one cock-up after another. The ‘Dig’ carving has actually been grown over across the years and can't be seen, and indeed there is conjecture as to exactly which tree is the Dig Tree … long story but we think they now believe it’s the tree next to the tree that was known as the 'Dig Tree'!!!

Stayed a couple of nights relaxing by the creek.

Short drive across the South Australian Border to Innamincka – where we visited Burkes ‘grave’ and Wills ‘grave’ (‘grave’ – because they were later exhumed and re-buried in Melbourne Cemetery) + the site where King – the only survivor – was found weeks later – he had hooked up with the Local aborigines and managed to live. Also did a short walk up to Ram Rock - which looks like a Ram!

A day of chilling out, followed by the 'meal of the trip' on the camp oven (Lamb Chick Pea and Harissa Casserole) followed the next morning by the highlight - Donna made her first ever edible Damper ... and it was actually very good.



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