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  • David and Donna

Day 4 - Mildura-Pooncarie

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

In many years from now, people will pull you up in the street to ask where you were when Carlton beat Sydney in Sydney … we will long remember our visit to Mildura for that momentus occasion!!!! Stopped for a few quiet days to get life sorted – few last supplies, food, ten pin bowls, Trentham Winery, Big Little Lies, and a terrific meal at Thai-riffic – awesome.

However, once Mildura was famous for having the longest bar in the world at the Mildura Working Mans Club. It is now famous for the stupidity of removing that bar and replacing it with the same bar you see at every other Pokie venue in the country!!!

Mungo National Park

Then we were off to Mungo National Park, and the awesome moon-like scenery. Dawn shots followed by the organised guided tour first, which was actually very good … very informative as those things tend to be, and we walked away as experts as to how the landscape was formed, and what happened here 40,000 years ago … precisely.

It also happened to be NAIDOC day at Mungo, so we feasted on free damper, smoked the evil spirits away, grabbed a free aboriginal t-shirt, and threw boomerangs.

Then it was time to light the fire and give the camp-oven a work out. Curried sausages went off like a firecracker. We even got asked to turn our music down as the private party was firing up!!!

Next day, a slow start then off to the self-guided tour around the national park … lots of Kangaroos, and

the huge sand dunes were the highlights. Then we were off to view the sunset at the prime lookout over the moon-like dunes of the Mungo NP. We were very excited as a few Kangaroos wandered down off the ridge right through the lunettes ... it was if we had paid them to do so. That night – astro photos of the Mungo Woolshed.

And so that was our time in Mungo – great spot – especially if you like Kangaroos and weird landscapes.

Then drove to Pooncarie – nice little town with … well nothing much … and onto Menindee. A quick beer at the Pub with Burke and Wills (I actually think they did a pub crawl rather then an expedition!), but with the lake being dry, decided to head out of town to …. The Burke and Wills camp spot … and we just happened to plonk the Taj on the same spot B&W camped – great free camp site it was too. Wandered across the dry lake for some dead tree photos and sunset … we don’t think that water is ever coming back to this lake – thanks Barnaby!

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