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  • David and Donna

Day 43+ ... Birdsville

A long, long drive from Innamincka to Birdsville – 550 slow kms across 2 days - the toughest drive of the trip – by some way – through big open Gibber Plains across the Sturt Stony Desert.

Gibber Plains

Apart from a small number of birds … there was essentially zero wildlife – or anything else for that matter.

Stopped at Deon's lookout overnight – with awesome views across the desert – and a stunning sunset to boot.

Population Zero!!!

Then drove through Betoota - with a population of Zero - this joint was pumping!!! Bit sad really - the pub had simply been abandoned. Amazingly though, they (whoever 'they' are???) still hold an annual race meeting ... which we may even get to.

Then we flew into Birdsville (.... flew … birds(villle) …. sorry!!) – great spot – very very remote. Of course – Burke and Wills had wandered through here. Beers and dinner at the famous Birdsville Pub – loved it.

Had a picnic watching the sunset over Big Red – a huge red sandhill on the edge of the Simpson Desert (where the Big Bash Concert is held each July), wandered down to Pelican Point on the Birdsville Billabong, and took a look at the Race Track, where the famous races are to be held in a couple of weeks, and a few more beers at the Pub. We are a little bit too early for the races – but hope to come back specifically in a couple of years. The only disappointment was that the famous Birdsville Bakery has temporarily (?) closed – so no Curried Camel Pie!!!!

Loved Birdsville!


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